When we talk about committing to adding value to your customer’s experience, what we’re talking about is the commitment to position your business in a place where it’s going to put itself so far ahead of the competition.

We’re talking about creating a long term competitive advantage that means that you never have to compete on price. You have to be able to do business on your terms and that means taking your customers and transforming them into raving fans!

I’m talking those die hard type of fans that will defend your brand regardless! The die-hards’, the loyalists the maniacs!

So, here are ten ways that you can add value to your current services or products so you can build a raving fan base.

The first five are going to be what we call “practical value” and they’re things that are generally easily measured.

Time, in anyway can you find something that saves your customer time? Can you add more convenience to your product or service that is a time saver?  


Effort, can you reduce the effort that they have to go to? Is your product able to reduce the effort and hassle and stress from the day to day life of your customer in any way? One Click downloads from Amazon anyone?


Cost, is it something that reduces a cost? Can you save them money through your product or service that you offer? Now, I’m not talking about reducing the cost of your service or product. I’m talking about the overall benefit to the customer as reducing the cost of what they would normally pay.


Variety, Can you offer more variety? Can you give your customers a lot more choice in the different products or services that you offer? What size would you like your Coke today? 200ml?, 300ml?, 375ml?, 450ml?, 600ml? etc


Quality, what level of quality are you offering? Anyone can get out there and offer basic products at low cost point but for the businesses to do well and continue to do well over the long run, they’re offering quality products and services. Are you a Travelodge or a Hilton Hotel? 


The next five that we’re going to talk about are more on the emotional side of things. It’s not as easily measured but when you nail these next five, that’s when you take customers up to your raving fans.


Therapeutic Is it something that provides a therapeutic kind of value for your customers? Is it something that’s nourishing? Is it something that makes them feel really good about themselves? Something that makes them feel really positive? Nothing like a Boost Juice to pick you up. 


Fun, Can you make your products more fun and entertaining? Or are you in an industry where you can offer more fun and entertaining products than what is currently out there? Finance is soo boring! Let’s make it a little Cheeky!


Rewarding, Is it a reward for your customers? Can you make your products or services a treat or reward? Or is it something that they’re giving themselves as a pat on the back or congratulations? Pokemon Go seems to have nailed this. 


Connection, Is it something that creates affiliation or a sense of belonging? Can you create an a product or service that makes your customers feel like they belong to a group? Make them feel that you’re the only one that can understand all of their concerns that they’re going through? How can you make your customers feel as though they’re affiliated and that they’re part of your brand? Entrepreneurs LOVE the Virgin brand. They feel as though they are connected to Branson at each and every touch point. 


Motivating, The final one that I’m going to talk about is it something that’s motivating? Can you motivate your customers through your product or services a bit more? Can you motivate them to take more action in their day to day lives? Can you motivate them to live healthier, to make better decisions? Whatever it is, explore the opportunities for motivating your customers through your products or services that you offer.

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